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  • We will be having our Grand Opening on January 09, 2021. See you all there folks ~
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Guild Package

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Application Requirements:

  • Guild must be level 30+
  • Atleast 30+ Members

How To Apply:

  • If you think you are qualified, message us directly on our Official Page


  • You must be the GUILD LEADER.
  • You must have a LOGO
  • List of GUILD MEMBERS is a MUST
  • Those who registered in this Guild Package Program will be the one who can enter the WOE CASTLES. That means if you didn't register then you can't enter the WOE CASTLES.

Claiming Requirements:

  • Must have 30+ Online Members when claiming

Claiming Time:

  • February 1, 2021
  • February 2, 2021
  • February¬† 3, 2021

Guild Package:

  • All items will be given to the Guild Master.
  • Guild Master will be the one to distribute the item/supplies.
  • Guild Package Items/Supplies will be deleted if you leave the guild.
  • All Items are GUILD BOUND.

What you will receive:

1 x Guild Package Box

  • 10 x Freya's Crown ( Increase EXP Gain by 10% )
  • 300 x Acid Bomb Box (100)
  • 150 x Slim White Potion Box (100)
  • 50 x Glistening Coat Box (25)

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